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A Message From Our Pastor & Elect Lady

Dalton Romeo Hall & Racquel Natalee Hall

In 2019 we stepped out in Faith on The Word of God to start this ministry that The Lord Jesus placed in our hands. We did not know the way to go, we didn't know where we were going, neither did we know how this vision would come to fruition. Nevertheless, despite the unknown and the odds stacked against us, we held on to The Lord's command to “get out of your father’s house”, “be not afraid”, and “I am with you”. It took much Faith and Trust to make such an audacious move to go out from a place of comfort. 

After much Praying, Fasting and Trusting The Lord Jesus Christ, today we are proud of the impact and accomplishments VOTAM has made and is making in its short existence. We have pivoted forward to "Canaan's happy land" and we won’t turn back because there are souls to rescue, people to empower, and heaven to inherit. As we work in the Lord’s vineyard we crave your prayers and support that we continue to keep the Vision and Mission of VOTAM at the forefront and walk in our Purpose and Fulfill our call to Serve The Lord Jesus Christ and His People.

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